Sonja de Ridder

Is a very versatile photoartist with a  signature style and an impressive portfolio. Allthough she has contributed very much to the portfolio of Rosies Art with her fashionphotograpy, she has many other skills. Her work is much prized for its wonderful photocollages. For Venus Preserved she once again shows a very different talent with a series of marvellous headdresses.

                               Rosa Bohaemia / Rosies Art

Rosies Art is the first steampunk designlabel in the Netherlands that focusses exclusively on unique, handmade items. The Post Nuclear Steam collections are made under lead designer Rosa Bohaemia, who graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2006.

Her work is  signified by unique and technically challenging designs  that are made with endless love and care.

In 2012 Rosies art welcomed interns for the first time. There hard work made a big contribution to the latest Post Nuclear Steam collection both production- and designwise.

Nathalie van Til, 19 years old, third year student at Landstede college in Zwolle and graduating this year as an allround    fashion and retail seamstress. Her personal interest lies in Lolita style and Teakwon-do.

Bamba Matondo, 20 years old, is a second year student at the ROC school in Tilburg as a specialist seamster in fashion and retail and has a great love for the art of design.

A well-known face in the gothic scene, his personal preference goes out to the Victorian Gothic.

Martina Parhan, 19 years old, is a second year student as a specialist seamstress in fashion and retail at the ROC of Amsterdam. With her great love for theatre and acrobatics she has had previous experience as an actor and seamstress at Walibi. Her love lies with the circus, but she excells in costume-making.

For more information, see www.rosiesart.nl
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Xarah von den Vielenregen

Is a well-known international fire-burlesque starlet from Berlin. Because of her many different looks and styles, she is called the Chameleon of the Night.

She loves to celebrate beauty and femaleness in her charming and glamorous way, while she is bringing back the sensuality of the golden twenties. Magical, hipnotic and always elegant!

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Juul Thijssen Started at a young age with balletclasses and after a while, expanded her horizon with jazz- and modern dance.

While studying English at the Radboud universiteit she danced at the modern dancing company PIUM for several years. After that she studied  as a dance teacher at ArtEZ dancing academy in Arnhem at wich she graduated at jazz, klassical dance, modern dance and art education. She is a starting dancing teacher with a passion for the art of interdisciplinary dance.

In 2011 and 2012 she danced at the Post Nuclear Steam shows. For Post Nuclear Steam-Venus Preserved she is participating as the choreographer  and stage manager of the show.

 Het Post Nuclear Steam Collectief Presenteert:
Post Nuclear Steam
Venus Preserved
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Beatrice Baumann

With the sensual High Art of contact juggling the Berlin artist Beatrice Baumann abducts you to her magical world.

With pure discipline and absolute controll she makes the glass balls appear and dissapear gracefully everywhere on her body in a seductive dance.

The balls that seemingly effortlessly and playfully float over her body will captivate and mesmerize you.

Accompanied by  fascinating music, she plays with the tension between man and machine, movement and  inertia, sensuality and discipline.

Beatrice Baumann

Picture by Paul Silver

Thiadmer van Galen

Thiadmer van Galen  has been a visual artist/sculptor, as well as a professional decor designer and -builder, stagehand, writer and theatretechnician. His personal style is signified by the tension between industrial and biological elements in his machine-like installations

Ever since the first Post Nuclear Steam - Fashion Manifest show in 2011 he has contributed heavily to the concept, by way of amazing and enchanting decors.

Sturm Schwarzblut

Sturm Schwarzblut is better known as keyplayer for the Steampunk Industrial band Schwarzblut. Besides being a bandmember, he is also experienced as video artist and cameraman. Amongst other places, his wonderfull work kan be viewed at all Schwarzblut performances, as well as the Post Nuclear Steam -City of Echoes show of 2012.


Angela Boeijen

Angela is an experienced Oriental dancer. She is skilled in many different Oriental dancing styles and is often seen as part of bellydancegroup Aziza.

Besides classical Oriental dances, she is also very proficient in the popular, more modern Tribal Fusion dance.

De modellen

Lara Aimee

Photo by Me-chiel

Tamar van der Linden

Photo by Yvette Leurs

Kari v.d. Voort

Photo by Maan Limburg

Amesbury Rose


Photo by Maan Limburg

Corine Smit

Photo by Frank Doorhof

Ruben Draque

Photo by Frank Doorhof

Max Sjenitzer


Photo by Tomas Fransen and Angela Fransen

Gaia Valentina

Photo by Maan Limburg


Photo by Tomas Fransen and Angela Fransen

Maan Limburg

Saskia Higler

Shoes made possible by:

Lizzy Meow

Photo by Verena Mandragora

Sebastiaan Hoogendoorn

Joel Schmitz

Photo by Tomas Fransen and Angela Fransen

Fabian von Gelder


Photo by Haas&Co