Post Nuclear Steam -Venus Preserved

is Rosies Arts’ neverending steampunk fairytale, performed exclusively at Summer Darkness.

It has often before been dubbed “Summer Darkness’ most exciting fashionshow” and attracts many creative spirits.

The initiative for the Post Nuclear Steam trilogy arose from steampunkfashiondesigner Rosanna Hoogendoorn of Rosies Arts wish to re-introduce art and creativity into the underground alternative scene. She did so, by fusing the work of many talented but yet relatively unknown artists into one multidisciplinary fashionshow.

This resulted in a unique event where fashion design, performance art, stage design, video art, jewellery design and costume design are combined into one concept.

In 2011, in front of a sold out Spiegelbar in Tivoli-Utrecht at the Summer Darkness Festival, the first Post Nuclear Steam show took place.

In 2012, due to overwhelming enthusiasm, the second edition of this by now landmark show was moved to a larger venue .

Step into a different universe, where only steamdriven machines and sensual tribal magic rule. Where modern day society is just a cold memory from a distant past.

Post Nuclear Steam – Venus Preserved is already the third edition of this modern fairytale from the aftermath of the apocalypse. True to its promise, this years edition will again greatly surpass its predecessor! A sensual post-nuclear tale; raw and primal, yet detailed and rich.

It is a world sure to thrill your senses and put your own into perspective.

With this fashion- (or rather, art) -show based on the spanking new underground steampunk-genre, a number of very talented young artists how a glimpse of their artistic vision of a steamy post apocalyptic world. Immerse yourself in their art!

This year the Venus Preserved will arise in the Leeuwenbergh Church in Utrecht on the evening tide of Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of july.

The shows will take place on: 26 and 27 july 2013

Location: Leeuwenberghkerk Servaasbolwerk 1A

3512 NK  Utrecht

Friday 26-07-2013

Start show: 19.30

End of show: 20.15

Saturday 27-07-2013

Start show: 17.30

End of show: 18.15

After both shows, the models and the artists will be present in the hall for a meet and greet, and people from the press and other photographers will have an extra opportunity to photograph the models by the organ in the hall.

The Post Nuclear Steam fashionshow is part of the Summer Darkness Festival, but for people not visiting the entire festival, separate tickets are also already available via the link below:

Click              for directions to the location of the show on the site of the venue.

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Post Nuclear Steam
Venus Preserved
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Post Nuclear Steam at Summer Darkness

Foto en hoofdtooi: Sonja de Ridder, model Daisy Giselle, MUA: Chloe Bakker, kleding Rosies Art